INTERVIEW: Supinder Wraich Talks to Suhaag About Guidestones

January 26th, 2012 by Jay

Supinder Wraich in India | Guidestones Web Series

The lead actress of the Guidestones web series, Supinder Wraich, gave an insightful and charming interview to Suhaag. The website for the magazine, which covers South Asian related news and culture, asked some interesting questions and Supinder gave illuminating answers.

Of particular note is the method acting Supinder employs.

“Sandy Rai, is a role that is very close to my heart.” Reason being, Supinder wanted to be an interpreter, “something to fall back upon,” she adds, and took a course in it.


The Chandigarh born Supinder says she is a method actor. “I lived in a hostel, away from the comforts of my home, in Etobicoke for one and a half months to get into the mind of the character.” Sandy’s character spends time away from her home and Supinder wanted to experience that first hand.

“I wanted to look at Toronto through the eyes of a newcomer.” She tried being a vegetarian too because she imagined Sandy to be one.

Supinder also let’s us in on her dream project:

And what is her dream project? Supinder  says, “I love Deepa Mehta and she is top on my priority list of directors I want to work with.” She would also like to work with all the top Canadian directors including Richie Mehta of Amal fame. “And I would like to do an action film.”

You can read the entire interview over at Suhaag.