BLOG: Rosicrucianism, R.C. Christian and the GA Guidestones

November 15th, 2011 by Jay

When deciphering the identity of R.C. Christian, the pseudonym of the ‘creator’ of the Georgia Guidestones, a popular consideration is that the name is an allusion to the Rosicrucian religious order. Related to Christianity, the Rosicrucians took the ‘Rosy Cross’ as their emblem, while the creator is named Christian Rosenkreuz – all possible configurations for the ‘R.C.’ in ‘R.C. Christian’. But what is Rosicrucianism and how might it relate to the Guidestones?

Rosicrucianism is the belief structure of a secret society (Rosicrucian Order) that was purportedly created by an alchemist named Christian Rosenkreuz in late medieval Germany. This society was signalled by the Rosy Cross, which is a cross with a white ross at its centre, which some believe predate Christianity. As a secret society thought to hold power, the Rosicrucians have been linked with both the Knights Templar before and the Freemasons after. They are an order of sages and alchemists of thought, amassing information key to their brand of enlightenment and eventually set to disseminate this to individuals clever enough to seek them out. This privileged information, however, would otherwise be concealed from the ‘average’ man, its secret understanding of the relationship between nature, the world and an astral spirituality could by its value not possibly be understood by all. Yet the order is also interested in the “Universal Reformation of Mankind”. How can these two conflicting points be reconciled – a secret society and an interested in reformation for mankind? Through drastic change that will be the event that sees this society come into visibility.

Rosicrucianism, as the cross symbolism potentially suggests, does not exist wholly apart from Christianity. Rather, it operates as a sect that is explicitly opposed to Catholicism and whose secret society and syncretic eye toward astrology and evolution certainly sets it apart from the beliefs of many modern day Christians. Two anonymous manifestos, not unlike the Georgia Guidestones pointing toward their author’s name as a pseudonym, were first published in Germany: Fama Fraternitatis RC (The Fame of the Brotherhood of RC) and Confessio Fraternitatis (The Confession of the Brotherhood of RC). Also like the Guidestones, these outline the interests of the society, but nonetheless maintain the secrecy of the Order. One key aspect that it is stated is the ultimate goal: “to prepare a new phase of the Christian religion to be used during the coming age now at hand, for as the world and man evolve so also must religion change”.

In the intervening time, many followers and interpreters of Rosicrucianism have developed, including the recent Rosicrucian Fellowship, which was formed as early 1909. One distinguishing aspect of the fellowship is its interest in altruism, which it contains in the harmony of the Rosicrucian spirit, which many tenets that have come to be associated with the Guidestones – population control, respect for nature – confirm. Their interpretation of Rosicrucianism also emphasizes twelve exalted Beings that are gathered around a rather important thirteenth Being: Christian Rosenkreuz. Rather than engaging in the astrologically intensive rebirth cycle that the Fellowship advises for its followers, these thirteen have the mission of preparing the entire whole world for the new Age. Rebirth and astrology are so closely linked, much in the way the Guidestones have specific holes to follow events in the sky. Furthermore, this is a connection between the natural, scientific world and a doctrine of how man is to live that is also conveyed through the Guidestones and their message.

The connection between the Guidestones and Rosicrucianism goes beyond the obvious allusion in the name R.C. Christian. I have mentioned some cursory comparisons – the doctrine overlapping with the messages on the Guidestones and the structure built to ‘monitor’ astrological events – but other researchers have made far more in-depth connections. Van Smith breaks down the statistics of the structure’s construction, noting that “the Gnomen Stone, the tall, thin central slab of the monument” has  proportions of 1:2:10, “which sum to be 13” – or R.C. Christian. His research also reveals that this number also signifies the “Hidden Hand” of the Rosicrucians as a whole.

Furthermore, Smith has heard rumour that B.F. Coggins, “an extremely wealthy and powerful granite and real estate magnate in Elberton, Georgia”, holds a Rosicrucian document describing the Georgia Guidestones “as some sort of portal.” It points to hidden messages in the monument “that only the enlightened will understand”. Finally, the document apparently suggests that the Guidestones were “designed for an activation event that will indicate the immediate threat of a global catastrophe so horrific that humanity will come close to losing all hope.” This event will be marked through the astronomical observation points and Smith hypothesizes that it will specifically occur when “Polaris, the North Star, will drift out of the sighting hole drilled into the Gnomen stone.” His reason to believe this is the gradual shift of the North Star out of clear sight through the hole. Rather than workmanship flaws or the slow settling of the monument into the ground, Smith believes this to be intentional, as an interview conducted with Wayne Mullenix, who sold R.C. Christian the land, revealed that “the foundation for the monument was spectacularly overbuilt, extending 20 feet in all directions away from the Georgia Guidestones and reaching all the way down to bedrock.” Misalignment, then, is not likely and a hole that is specifically stated as following the North Star, is now – coincidentally enough – starting to ‘lose’ the star. What chronological reason could there be for this?

In the popular Wired article, Randall Sullivan talks with Jay Weidner, a conspiracy theorist who the Rosicrucians have passed knowledge down for  generations about a solar cycle that “climaxes” every 13,000 years. This climax includes “outsize coronal mass ejections” that are believed to be disastrous for Earth. This conforms to the astronomical, natural and advisory interest of the Guidestones, but Weidner takes his analysis even further, believing that the Rosicrucians themselves are “orchestrating a ‘planetary chaos,'” and that a recent sign of this was the collapse of the US financial system, due to its subsequent affect on oil that will cause “mass riots, and ethnic wars worldwide”. He believes this culminates with December 21, 2012, where a process of population control will reach its highest destruction of man. For Weidner the Guidestones are not simply ways for which we should all live our lives, but more specifically “The Guidestones are there to instruct the survivors.”

Sullivan reported Weidner’s hypothesis to the only man who has met the R.C. Christian responsible for the Guidestones, banker Wyatt C. Martin. Upon hearing this grand plot, Martin shook his head, saying it’s “the sort of thing that makes me want to tell people everything I know.” Perhaps this is because Weidner has pursued a correct path beyond its conclusion into fantasy. Perhaps Weidner is wrong about all this. Perhaps, too, Martin simply does not realize the extent of R.C. Christian’s involvement, or rather the involvement of those he may represent.

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